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    We will introduce Japan's superior products to the world, which will continue to shine through the ages

    We will find excellent products full of ideas from around the world and introduce them to Japan

    Our Original Products - Electoronics

    [Upgraded 2019] VCJ Indoor HD TV Antenna , Amplifier Signal Booster Support UHF VHF, 10ft Coax Cable

    Paper-Thin Design - Plug it in, turn on your TV and scan for channels! 3 easy steps to enjoy all your local digital HD channels and broadcasts

    Our Original Products - Livingware

    VCJ Ear Plugs - Ultra Comfortable and Medical Silicone High Fidelity

    with 28dB SNR for Musicians Live and Sleeping 2 Type Earplugs for Men Women

    2019 New Products - Livingware

    VCJ Ear Plugs - Ultra Comfortable for Women and Children

    with 24dB SNR for

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